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Partnership Creation

No one sector can solve the unmet medical needs of the poor

Developing new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics for any disease requires more than the effort of a single individual, or even a solitary organization. Each new intervention for global health requires a combination of skills and efforts from multiple players – including biopharmaceutical companies, academic researchers, product development partnerships, private sector investors, and public sector donors – that build on their collective knowledge, expertise, and finances.

At BIO Ventures for Global Health, we recognize the important role that collaboration plays in drug development. We match needs with solutions, and create new opportunities for global health research and development. 

Our partnering efforts fall into two broad categories – business development and the Partnering for Global Health conferences.

Business Development

BIO Ventures for Global Health launched its business development efforts to educate and influence biopharmaceutical companies about market-based opportunities to create drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics for neglected diseases. We uncover needs and opportunities in global health that can be filled by biopharmaceutical companies, identify the approporiate companies, and seek those companies out to see if there is something they can contribute. We also take a reactive approach to business development: companies reach out to us and we use our knowledge and information to help these companies ascertain how to best use their resources and knowledge to work in global health. 

Partnering for Global Health Forum

The Partnering for Global Health Forum is a unique setting where global health leaders, biopharmaceutical innovators, and funders from the public and private sectors can come together to share knowledge, experience, ideas, and lessons learned. They address barriers and challenges – both scientific and financial – to building the pipeline for diseases of the developing world. The value of this Forum is that it facilitates communication amongst disparate groups – who would normally not come together in such numbers.

In 2008, we co-hosted the Partnering for Global Health Forum, which brought together more than 500 participants key to global health research and development from the public and private sectors. Participants discussed potential new collaborative solutions for improving health care where it’s needed most. The next Partnering for Global Health Forum will take place in May 2010.