Our Dual Lens Approach

BVGH has a unique perspective – we look at the health problems facing poor countries through a dual lens of expertise in both global health and the biopharmaceutical industry.
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Business Development

Awareness of global health issues is at an historic high. There is no shortage of goodwill among people in biopharmaceutical companies to work on products for neglected diseases. But they need help taking the first step.

BIO Ventures for Global Health helps biopharmaceutical companies see where they can contribute to global health in the following ways:

  • A potential market and appropriate incentives may exist for developing new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics
  • Technologies companies have already developed can be applied to fight neglected diseases
  • Companies' technologies and technical expertise can have a profound impact on helping academics and non profits working in global health

Engaging biopharmaceutical companies in research and development will change millions of lives around the globe

BIO Ventures for Global Health works to educate and influence biopharmaceutical companies about market-based opportunities to create drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics for neglected diseases. We uncover needs and opportunities in global health that can be filled by biopharmaceutical companies, identify the approporiate companies, and seek those companies out to see if there is something they can contribute. We also take a reactive approach to business development: companies reach out to us and we use our knowledge and information to help these companies ascertain how to best use their resources and knowledge to work in global health.