Knowledge and Reports

Developing customized reports on biopharmaceuticals, health, and the developing world

Knowing your target countries and regions is essential. BVGH develops custom reports describing the market dynamics, disease landscape, and regulatory environment of the country or region of interest to your organization. Indicators include:

Market: consumer health expenditures, and current and projected population

Business practices and cultures: regulations, government structure, current infrastructure, and intellectual property rights

Health: disease burden, clinical research centers within that country/region, current disease R&D landscape, and government health care plans and policies

In addition, BVGH attends and produces a summary of discussions, conclusions, and takeaways from meetings, conferences, and other events held in your organization’s country of interest. By doing so, BVGH keeps you abreast of changes in regulation, health foci and initiatives, and national and international government and agency commitments.

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