Press Releases

BVGH to host expanded Africa Pavilion at BIO International Convention in San Francisco

June 6, 2016

BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) will welcome representatives from 16 African countries to the Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s (BIO) annual convention this year in San Francisco. Read Full Press Release

BVGH Calls for More Collaboration between Industry and Governments to Increase Access to Medicines

March 9, 2016

Jennifer Dent, President of BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) called for the expansion and scale-up of collaborations between the biopharmaceutical industry, researchers, and governments to facilitate greater access to medicines during a United Nations panel today. Read Full Press Release

BIO President and CEO Jim Greenwood to Chair BIO Ventures for Global Health Board of Directors

January 21, 2016

BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) today announced that Jim Greenwood, President and CEO of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) has been elected as the new BVGH Board Chair for a term of three years. BIO is the world’s largest biotech industry organization, representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations across the United States and in more than 30 other nations. Read Full Press Release

BVGH Accelerates R&D for Neglected Diseases through WIPO Re:Search Collaborations

October 28, 2015

BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) today released its second compilation of WIPO Re:Search collaboration stories featuring partnerships accelerating neglected disease research. WIPO Re:Search, established by the World Intellectual Property Organization in partnership with BVGH and several leading pharmaceutical companies, brings scientists from academia and biopharmaceutical companies together to develop new therapies for diseases centered in developing nations. BVGH initiates these partnerships by identifying relevant research assets in pharmaceutical companies and matches them with academic researchers working on neglected tropical diseases. African researchers and institutions play a significant role in a number of the partnerships featured in this story book. Read Full Press Release

BVGH Panel Sessions to Highlight Global Ebola Response, Biotech Partnership Opportunities in Africa at BIO 2015 International Convention

June 16, 2015

BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) President Jennifer Dent today announced that for the first time, the annual Biotechnology Industry Organization International Meeting (BIO) will host a sub-Saharan Africa pavilion and delegation, organized by BVGH. “By 2050, Africa will be home to ~25% of the world’s population,” said Dent. “Africa represents enormous market growth opportunities for life science companies as well as investments in healthcare start-ups and state- of- the art hospitals and medical facilities.” Read Full Press Release

BVGH Announces New Partnership to Build Scientific Leadership and Accelerate Nigerian Drug and Diagnostic Research

June 26, 2014

BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) announced today at the BIO International Conference a new initiative designed to bolster Nigeria’s biomedical infrastructure and capacity through collaborations with BIO member organizations.  BVGH has partnered with the Nigerian National Universities Commission (NUC) to introduce, the BVGH Nigerian Capacity-Building Initiative (BNCBI), which will place Nigerian researchers at participating western biopharmaceutical and diagnostic companies for training placements of up to 12 months. Read Full Press Release

WIPO Re:Search Surpasses 50th Agreement

April 24, 2014

An initiative bringing together pharmaceutical firms and other research groups has brokered more than 50 new partnerships in the fight against neglected tropical diseases, tuberculosis and malaria, marking an important milestone in using the intellectual property system to help combat maladies affecting more than one billion people. Read Full Press Release

BVGH Presents WIPO Re:Search at Partnering For Cures Annual Conference

November 04, 2013

BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH), a nonprofit organization founded by the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), announced today that President, Jennifer Dent is presenting BVGH programs at the annual Partnering for Cures meeting today, November 4th in New York City. The WIPO Re:Search Consortium aims to accelerate the development of new products to address the significant unmet medical needs of populations living in poverty and suffering from neglected diseases. Read Full Press Release

BVGH Completes 30th WIPO Re:Search Agreement to Speed New Solutions For Neglected Diseases in Developing Countries

September 17, 2013

BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) today announced the completion of the 30th research agreement as part of its partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to accelerate development of drugs, diagnostics and vaccines for more than 1.5 billion people suffering from malaria, tuberculosis, and other neglected tropical diseases including dengue in developing nations. A recent publication in the journal of Nature reports scientists have seriously underestimated the global incidence of dengue. There have been outbreaks of dengue even in developed nations including Portugal, Russia and smaller ones in the United States. The study predicts there could be as many as 400 million cases of dengue each year. Read Full Press Release