Partnership Hub Snapshot

DanEramianSeptember 2016 [PDF, HTML]

The September 2016 Snapshot features two new WIPO Re:Search agreements between Takeda & UCSD and Centre Pasteur du Cameroun & the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research. Also featured is the newest WIPO Re:Search Member, the University of Georgia.


August 2016 [PDF, HTML]

The August 2016 Snapshot features a new WIPO Re:Search agreement between Pfizer and Swiss TPH. A new publication about WIPO Re:Search's capacity-building research sabbaticals is also highlighted.


July 2016 [PDF, HTML]

The July 2016 Snapshot features two new WIPO Re:Search agreements between Janssen R&D & Swiss TPH and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals & CID Research. Dr. Ravi Selvaganapathy's nanoliter well assay for bacterial detection is also described.


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BVGH Quarterly Newsletter

May 2016 [PDF, HTML]

The May 2016 BIO International Convention Special Edition BVGH Newsletter highlights the African research organizations participating in BVGH's Africa pavilion and describes the activities and events associated with the paviion.

March 2016 [PDF, HTML]

The March 2016 BVGH Newsletter features an interview with Brenda Colatrella, Executive Director of the Office of Corporate Responsibility at Merck & Co., Inc. Also featured are Eisai and some of the company's global health activities.

October 2015 [PDF, HTML]

The October 2015 BVGH Newsletter features a special report on Priority Review Vouchers. Also featured are Novartis and the launch of its new global health initiative, Novartis Access, and BVGH's Fellowship Program.

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BVGH FundFinder Newsletter

Winter 2016 [PDFHTML]

The fourth issue of the BVGH FundFinder Newsletter focuses on initiatives to stimulate R&D in sub-Saharan Africa. The recently-launched Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (AESA) is featured as well as five funding opportunities geared towards R&D in Africa.

Summer 2015 [PDFHTML]

The third issue of the BVGH FundFinder Newsletter focuses on the role of research fellowships in tackling global health issues. The Fogarty International Center's Global Health Program for Fellows and Scholars is profiled in this issue. There is also a feature on the UK based global charitable foundation, Wellcome Trust, and their awards to encourage biomedical scientists to participate in global health fellowships.

Spring 2015 [HTML]

The second issue of the BVGH FundFinder Newsletter focuses on Ebola. This includes a survey of clinical stage vaccine projects that are being advanced aggressively through coordinated efforts involving industry, funding organizations, and public agencies. There is also a profile of a broader R&D program that includes ten organizations but is funded solely by DARPA.

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