BVGH Membership Program

Strategically Advancing Global Health Presence, Reach, and Knowledge

The BVGH Membership Program offers Members a package of services that is designed to support and advance their global health activities such as expanding R&D, identifying international opportunities, and developing cross-sector collaborations.

The Membership Program is built on three service pillars: Strategic Engagement, Knowledge & Reports, and Advocacy & Awareness. A dedicated BVGH team works closely with each Member to understand their priorities for partnerships, disease areas, and regions. Work is tailored within each of the three service areas to create complementary deliverables that support the Member’s specific objectives.

Benefits, Services, and Deliverables

Strategic Engagment

At the beginning of each Membership period, BVGH will work closely with the Member to fully understand their objectives, including partners, regions, and disease areas of interest.

BVGH will identify a shortlist of organizations whose work and goals align with the Member’s objectives. Members select three of these organizations for BVGH to arrange introductions and discussions on collaboration ideas.

BVGH will also develop a proposal and budget for programs and work beyond the scope of the Membership. These will be designed to meet the Member’s objectives. Examples of deliverables included in customized engagement proposals are landscape analyses of specific diseases or regions, or coordinating a scientific meeting of key stakeholders and subject matter experts on a topic of interest.

Knowledge & Reports

Global health is a complex and evolving field.  Staying abreast of developments and adapting to changing environments is necessary to successful initiatives.

BVGH draws information from national and international global health events to provide Members with a semi-annual summary of the changes in regulations, dynamics, and international commitments relevant to key regions, disease areas, or population segments of interest. Each summary also highlights opportunities for collaborations with global health stakeholders around a specific disease area or target population.

BVGH will also survey the funding landscape to identify relevant high-quality awards for which the Member is eligible to apply.

Advocacy & Awareness

Engendering awareness, trust, and respect among key thought-leaders and their constituents is necessary for sustainable and impactful global health programs.

BVGH will recognize the Member’s global health initiatives in three print and online publications: an article in a peer-reviewed journal, the BVGH Quarterly Newsletter, and either a press release, news article, editorial, or trade newsletter.

The Member will also be promoted at a scientific conference, developing region regulatory meeting, investor gathering, or industry colloquium; BVGH will either profile the Member’s global health work in a presentation, or invite the Member to participate on a panel session.

Membership Tiers and Pricing

Membership pricing varies based on the size of the organization and the sector. Industry rates are based on the average of the company’s gross annual profit from the past three years. Discounted pricing is available for WIPO Re:Search Sponsor Members. Rates for multilateral organizations are determined based on the number and size of institutions represented. All memberships are annual.

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