Connecting Researchers and Funders

The lack of awareness of and access to high-quality funding present a significant barrier to advancing research and product development for neglected infectious disease researchers. To address this, BVGH developed the BVGH FundFinder, which summarizes current funding opportunities for infectious disease researchers. As a single comprehensive source for relevant funding opportunities, this unique, sortable database streamlines the search for essential research funding.


The BVGH FundFinder captures R&D grants, fellowships, scholarships, travel awards, and other funding opportunities. Each opportunity is classified by the disease areas, research stages, and product foci that it targets. Funding amount and duration, collaboration requirements, eligibility requirements, geographic restrictions, deadline, and contact point are listed for each opportunity.

"[This] provides invaluable global funding and partnering opportunities for infectious disease research. It is a unique business tool in expanding collaborations for critical anti-viral research," said Charles Magness, President and CEO of Kineta.

Organizations can subscribe to the BVGH FundFinder for 4000 USD annually. This includes four issues emailed quarterly. Use of the BVGH FundFinder within a subscribing organization is unlimited.

In addition to the database, BVGH has developed a quarterly newsletter that highlights grants, includes profiles of funders, and presents funding success stories. To subscribe to the BVGH FundFinder Newsletter, click here. To read previous issues, click here.

If you are interested in learning more, please email Cathy Manner at