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BIO Ventures for Global Health

Impacting global health through multi-stakeholder initiatives, high impact partnering, and alliance management.

BVGH has a unique perspective: we look at the health problems facing developing countries and emerging markets through a dual lens with expertise in both global health and biopharmaceutical industry dynamics.

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GAFFI and BVGH Convening Global Fungal Infection Forum

The Global Action Fund for Fungal Infections (GAFFI) has partnered with BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) to develop a report outlining a 10-year road map on the burden of opportunistic fungal infections, funding and gaps. To achieve this goal, GAFFI and BVGH are hosting an international meeting, the Global Fungal Infection Forum, in Seattle, USA on February 22, 2015. This forum will convene key fungal infection stakeholders. The Global Fungal Infection Forum will focus on four fungal infections that represent the greatest mortality burden in the developing world. Learn more about the meeting.

Merck KGaA Joins WIPO Re:Search

Merck KGaA has joined WIPO Re:Search. As the co-developer of praziquantel, Merck KGaA has long been involved in global health R&D. This continues Merck KGaA's commitment to finding solutions for unmet medical needs of the developing world. Learn more about WIPO Re:Search.

New Publication on WIPO Re:Search Antihelmintic Development Collaborations

A new review by BVGH on how WIPO Re:Search has accelerated the development of antihelmintic drug discovery through eleven collaborations has been published in the International Journal for Parasitology. To read or download this and other BVGH publications, visit Reports and Publications.

2014 Access to Medicine Index Published

The 2014 Access to Medicine Index was just published, and evaluates the top 20 research-based pharmaceutical companies on their efforts to improve access to medicine in the developing world. The report analyzed 95 indicators in seven key technical areas. Among the report’s key findings was that substantial proportion of R&D takes place in access-oriented partnerships. Wim Leereveld, CEO and Founder of the Access to Medicine Index, said, "Transparency was once far away, today we have  the clearest ever picture of the Industry's strengths weaknesses, progress and struggles." Learn more about the 2014 Access to Medicine Index and download the report.

Seattle Times OpEd: Ebola Needs a New Model of Drug Development

Jennifer Dent, president of BVGH, contributed an OpEd to the Seattle Times in August outlining the need for new approaches to drug development for diseases important in the developing world, such as Ebola. The recent outbreak of Ebola is West Africa has been declared an international public health emergency by the World Health Organization. Read the full article.