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BIO Ventures for Global Health

Impacting global health through multi-stakeholder initiatives, high impact partnering, and alliance management.

BVGH has a unique perspective: we look at the health problems facing developing countries and emerging markets through a dual lens with expertise in both global health and biopharmaceutical industry dynamics.

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Industry, Public Health Organizations, Researchers, and Funders Unite to Advance Ebola R&D

The second issue of the BVGH FundFinder Newsletter focuses on Ebola. This includes a survey of clinical stage vaccine projects that are being advanced aggressively through coordinated efforts involving industry, funding organizations, and public agencies. There is also a profile of a broader Ebola R&D program that includes ten organizations but is funded solely by DARPA. Read the full newsletter here.

WHO Releases New Report on Neglected Tropical Diseases

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released their third report on neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), Investing to Overcome the Global Impact of Neglected Tropical Diseases. The report focuses on the need for domestic investment by countries affected by NTDs, with the objective of first meeting the targets laid out in WHO's Roadmap on NTDs, and second ensuring sustainable, universal health coverage.The progress made to date on increasing access and innovation is also discussed, including a mention of WIPO Re:Search, "Major access agreements have been brokered between companies . . . through the World Intellectual Property Organization's Re:Search Consortium." The full report is available here.

WIPO Re:Search Gains Momentum in the Fight Against Neglected Tropical Diseases, Malaria and Tuberculosis

WIPO Re:Search signed on more than a dozen new members in 2014, including two leading pharmaceutical firms, and nearly doubled the number of research agreements using shared intellectual property to promote the fight against neglected tropical diseases, tuberculosis and malaria. Click here for the full press release from WIPO.

BVGH Presented Ebola Overview at Addis Ababa Meeting

BVGH developed and presented an overview of products in development for Ebola virus disease including drugs, vaccines and diagnostics, at a meeting convened by the African Network for Drugs and Diagnostics Innovation (ANDI) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on January 20, 2015. Dr. Solomon Nwaka, Executive Director, ANDI, convened a high level meeting of African Health Leaders, Researchers, Policy Directors, Funders and Industry to present Africa’s innovation and efforts to address the Ebola epidemic. Jennifer Dent, President, BVGH presented the Ebola pipeline. She also chaired a panel session with industry leaders, exploring the opportunities and challenges partnerships present when working across sectors, cultures and with governments to achieve a global health objective. Learn more about the ANDI meeting, and ANDI strategic objectives here.

2014 WIPO Re:Search Partnership Hub Report

The 2014 Partnership Hub Report presents the global reach of WIPO Re:Search collaborations and the diseases and products they focus on. Browse through the report to see WIPO Re:Search agreement, recruitment, and communication details and scroll to page 10 to view the status of all WIPO Re:Search collaborations established through 2014.